If your Sizzix Big Shot makes strange noises DO NOT ignore it!

This is my Big Shot, yes, it’s true!

In the middle of a big order she started to make a little bit a strange noise while turning the crank. I admit normally I would have ignored this, but thank god I have a very playful and talented man in the house, so I asked him to listen and he found this machine has to be taken apart. Did I mention I was in the middle of a big order???

I just tried to keep calm. It looked terrible all those parts. Honestly I myself would have never got this together again.
And indeed, there was a small metal ring lose, which held the barrel in place. It has been fallen down within the machine, which made the little noise. The upper barrel has already moved outside, so both barrels were not in line anymore. I guess I wouldn’t have finished my order like this. I am so glad I took this serious. And I will never ever take my little work horse for granted. She got a big portion of yummy sewing machine oil, was cleaned inside and outside carefully and now moves again quiet and like a charm. Pheeeewwww………








Spirograph ornaments from the shaped wheels

2 days ago I received my spare parts Super Spirograph found on ebay USA and thanks to the seller, who delivered internationally. When I opened it there was a big WOW! It was packed in spirographic doodles paper! I LOVE the lid with the wheel chart inside. This is not what mine has which was produced in France once. They are not 100 % compatible, but almost, so with some extra tape and care it works to combine the parts.

The reason I bought it was mainly because there were also those shaped wheels added I didn’t have with my old Spirograph.

I couldn’t stop doodling anymore so the pics are not the best made in the middle of the night.
Here are some examples made with the eye wheel (my favorite) and with the triangle wheel. Scaled very small they are looking like snow flakes.

And my damaged Stabilo 88s are still good for drawing fillings. I have reordered these colors meanwhile and with less pressure they are working fantastic.

Have a great artsy weekend!




About me…

I am not somebody who loves to showcase herself and I hate to be on photos. I like much more to show my art and crafts and stay in the background.

And I never wanted a dog. I am a tortoise lover. This is kind of the opposite.
But well, things happen and so I am the co owner of a lovely little Shiba Inu girl now which stole my heart in a minute.
Today I (we) made our very first “selfie” and I feel for sharing it.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!




Spirographic doodling

Just wanted to share 2 drawings I’ve made with my old Super Spirograph tonight.

I am still too impatient and too quick. I damaged directly some tips of my new pens with too much pressure.
And I slipped several times. To cover this I doodled around a bit and wow there came something new out what I really like.

Have fun!

spirpgraph_clover spirpgraph_clover1