May! Go get your birthday cake and iNSD freebie !!!

May is my favourite month. It is for taking a deep breath, sitting outside in the sun, gardening, it is my birthday month and it’s international scrapbooking day on 4th of May.

So I created a little printable birthday cake box for all of you as a little crafting project, a lovely gift for yourself and others.
It is set up as a freebie at Digiscrapstation until 15th May with this coupon code:


Just fill it in while checking out and price is set to zero. Please don’t miss to have a walk through the DSS store and have a look at all the great digital scrapbooking and printable products from various designers.
I am having a 50% sale for the next 2 weeks!

If you want to spend money you can also get it from my Etsy shop.

Have fun cutting, mounting and filling!

Birthday Freebie Cake Box

Back to crafting – Mixed Media Doll House

I made some tries in mixed media lately and I don’t remember anymore how I was inspired, but I ended up with these two matching wall decor projects. I called them Empty Room and you can buy the printable supplies in my online shops.

I recorded some steps, so here is also a kind of tutorial how I did it for those, who are not such experienced crafters. One big advantage of printables is: if you mess something, don’t worry, just print it again!
And another advantage: you can start directly. The only thing you need is some glossy photo paper, a color printer, a scissors and some glue.

You can also get creative with filling the rooms just to your liking with all you got around you. Have fun!

I am wishing you a great Sunday!

Downloadable crafting kits available here:



Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

mixed media collage crafts project

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 1