WedEclectic Team Treasury

A treasury list on Etsy I really had fun to create was featured on the WedEclectic wedding blog, just a little eye candy in between. And yes, btw I do create and sell also bow ties and neck ties 🙂

This is the way to my shop:

Have a great day!

Freda / Angelika


Check out this whimsical team treasury by Angelika from Krawattenzwang

yes or no  by Angelika Holz on Etsy

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New theme, new categories, new social media buttons, new follow by email, new menu, new links…

At last I made it to find a workaround to customize my blog to make it more interesting and more user friendly. I learned that there is a difference between midgets and widgets and I learned to implement the latter. I hope you all find this usefuland soon I am going to start to write about my new projects.

After years I used real pens again and did some hand drawing. It took a bit of time to get into it and I started simple with some lettering.


Just released! Scarfs with colorful 3D flowers.

I used my own flower die cuts to make these beautiful scarfs unique.
Be free to copy my idea and pimp up your old scarfs or just some cheap scarfs you find somewhere. You’ll have a very special gift for your mother or girl friends with just a little bit hand sewing experience.

Have a great Sunday!

The flowers you’ll get here:

Flower die cuts on Etsy


nectarine chiffon scarf with flowers

My most famous product – French Knickers in Satin, Undies, Panties…

Maybe I showed them before, but they surely deserve to be showcased again, being in treasuries on Etsy 91 times (thank you all so much for choosing me!) and seen more than 1000 times, sold a couple of times being sent around the globe in different sizes….
They are comfy, sexy and funny and they are lovely even in plus sizes!
With upcoming spring I made them in more pretty spring colors beautiful spring colors like lime, nectarine, powder and some I still have to finish and photo shoot. You may also request your own colors, just ask!

Available on Etsy


french knickers in plus size

powder french knickers

I am back!

just been too busy in fall and winter (winter just stopped yesterday, mid of April, terrible this year!) to follow up with all my different activities with fashion design, digital design and my oldest and newest passion: crafting.
But I am trying to post regularly here again and even better, about many different things around my products, but also crafting tipps, ideas and supplies.
And there will be a blog hop in May, so I have to make this thing here interesting until then and I will 🙂

I started the new year with sorting my stock, hiding away all the wool felt and thick dark stuff to make space for the colorful satin, organza and chiffons.

Unfortunately it just needs a couple of minutes, two new designs or one custom order to make the beautiful order into a mess again…