I love colors and I love my die cutting machine

and after that endless dark grey winter I NEED colors!
So it was a relaxation for my eyes and soul to collect all those color combinations and to cut these beautiful flower die cuts in different shapes and shades. You’ll get them in packages of 60 assorted flowers or leaves.
They are available in many colors.

You can make so much from them!
Some customers used them as embellishments for wedding gowns and other clothing. I made some lovely spring scarfs. (They will go into the shop the next couple of days).
More ideas will be posted as they come.

cyclam purple flower die cuts

off white fabric flowers die cuts

green_flower_die cuts spring

red flower die cuts satin chiffon

No.2 of my favourite items

This is a sexy romantic look-through Little Nothing 🙂

Again I produced it for the full-figure women, because they hardly find something nice to dress and undress (my experience, even if I am not SO round, it is always a horror for me to go shopping). Now you can say: why don’t you make your clothing yourself? My answer: I ALSO want to spoil myself sometimes, spend money, walk home with an exciting big bag and feel good WITHOUT working the whole week on it…

Well, in future I must wear anyway everything I do not sell….lol….so I take care to make only what I REALLY love 🙂
And I make all items in any size you need and also in different colors (black and offwhite is standard, other colors on request).

Have a great day!

Sexy red chiffon shirt

red chiffon shirt detail flower

And this lovely bracelet is making your new outfit complete:

fluffy chiffon flower bracelet with magnet closure