Just arrived: Karin, our XXL Plus Size Supermodel!

She arrived in the early afternoon and we find her a sweetheart.
After showing her around she said she finds it a little boring and uncomfy in the workshop, so we placed her in the kitchen. This is also closer to the fridge. It is still a bit irritating to have a 1,85 meter woman in the house, but actually her curves got a far better proportion being so tall.

Supermodel XXL


My favourite items

This is one of my favourite items, a sexy plus size XXL item, yes, this is possible!
It was big fun to create and produce it and yes, it’s big fun to wear it myself 🙂
And if you are a skinny woman, no worries, I am going to produce it for you in any size you wish, also in different colors.
Just allow me a couple of days for production.

I used soft see-through chiffon and the ruffles had been a whole lot of work.

The flower is included, but can also be sold separately.
Price of the shirt incl. brooch is Euro 129,00
Brooch only is Euro 16,00
Black chiffon shirt with ruffles in plus size

Chiffon Flower, may be sold separately also