Just arrived: Karin, our XXL Plus Size Supermodel!

She arrived in the early afternoon and we find her a sweetheart.
After showing her around she said she finds it a little boring and uncomfy in the workshop, so we placed her in the kitchen. This is also closer to the fridge. It is still a bit irritating to have a 1,85 meter woman in the house, but actually her curves got a far better proportion being so tall.

Supermodel XXL


A lovely little book for creatives and other artists

Just back from some days spending in Amsterdam where a fun little book jumped right into my pocket….

Its a fantastic little motivation helper for artists in a work crisis and creatives, who do not dare yet to start to be an artist from several reasons.
Image linked to amazon.com where you also can look inside. Have fun!

start to be creative


Wristlings are wrist warmers or arm cuffs, however. They are perfect to pimp up a simple top, they lengthen 3/4 arm and they are just a great gift for friends AND they are affordable.

Euro 16,00 / $ 20.00 per pair

Available in red, champagne and black at the moment, but coming in many more colors…

Wristlings - fingerless gloves

Cuffs Sleeves Gloves

Arm cuffs black organza

Struggling with techniques….

now where are the stupid social media buttons….getting grey hair with all the apps and features and connections…..sigh……..

Just created a facebook fanpage. Please like me, this will make my day and keep me going…..lol…


woohooooo….here they are, so I must have done something right 🙂

No.2 of my favourite items

This is a sexy romantic look-through Little Nothing 🙂

Again I produced it for the full-figure women, because they hardly find something nice to dress and undress (my experience, even if I am not SO round, it is always a horror for me to go shopping). Now you can say: why don’t you make your clothing yourself? My answer: I ALSO want to spoil myself sometimes, spend money, walk home with an exciting big bag and feel good WITHOUT working the whole week on it…

Well, in future I must wear anyway everything I do not sell….lol….so I take care to make only what I REALLY love 🙂
And I make all items in any size you need and also in different colors (black and offwhite is standard, other colors on request).

Have a great day!

Sexy red chiffon shirt

red chiffon shirt detail flower

And this lovely bracelet is making your new outfit complete:

fluffy chiffon flower bracelet with magnet closure

My favourite items

This is one of my favourite items, a sexy plus size XXL item, yes, this is possible!
It was big fun to create and produce it and yes, it’s big fun to wear it myself 🙂
And if you are a skinny woman, no worries, I am going to produce it for you in any size you wish, also in different colors.
Just allow me a couple of days for production.

I used soft see-through chiffon and the ruffles had been a whole lot of work.

The flower is included, but can also be sold separately.
Price of the shirt incl. brooch is Euro 129,00
Brooch only is Euro 16,00
Black chiffon shirt with ruffles in plus size

Chiffon Flower, may be sold separately also


Just been busy photographing some stuff in my workshop to make a banner. This is the result:

Fredaliscious Banner

Its such a pity, mom, that you cannot see anymore what I do with all the things that you left me.

I LOVE to use your scissors and needles and I know you would be happy and proud of me. Miss you!