Back to crafting – Mixed Media Doll House

I made some tries in mixed media lately and I don’t remember anymore how I was inspired, but I ended up with these two matching wall decor projects. I called them Empty Room and you can buy the printable supplies in my online shops.

I recorded some steps, so here is also a kind of tutorial how I did it for those, who are not such experienced crafters. One big advantage of printables is: if you mess something, don’t worry, just print it again!
And another advantage: you can start directly. The only thing you need is some glossy photo paper, a color printer, a scissors and some glue.

You can also get creative with filling the rooms just to your liking with all you got around you. Have fun!

I am wishing you a great Sunday!

Downloadable crafting kits available here:



Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 2 Dress Me!

mixed media collage crafts project

Mixed Media Kit EmptyRoom 1

iPad fashion for spring and summer

Spring is here! Now my wonderful iPad Mini, which is my reliable companion wherever I go, urgently needed a new cover.
When I got it for christmas I just made a quick felt sleeve and done.
So I digged into my own stock and found some amazing fabrics. And I totally fell in love with a thick woven jacquard at my retailer. So now I had enough material to make a little iPad case series.

Here I also used the satin ribbons I sell separatley as supplies. I got into another color rush when I made these for my creations. Then they seemed to be so useful for all and everything, that I listed them in my Etsy shop in various color shades.

Enjoy the weekend!

iPad mini sleeve bag fashion magazine motif

iPad mini sleeve bag fashion magazine motif


Neon Neopren iPad Mini sleeve bag

various ribbons in many colors

pink ribbons handmade

DIY Chocolate or Jewelry Boxes and Gift Packaging

In May many people I know are having their birthdays including me 🙂
We stopped to give away big gifts to each other long ago, but a little something, some chocolates, candy, a beautiful soap or a lovely little piece of jewelry from a hand made marketplace is always nice to give especially when it is beautifully packed.
A while a go I created these easy to build boxes and envelopes. You just print them on your home printer, cut them and some have to be glued, the favor boxes don’t.
They are looking beautifully in black and white and if you mess one, you just print it again.

The templates you’ll get from

Etsy or


Have fun!

Printable envelopes templates with memo note tag

DIY printable favor box, roses, vintage, black white

Chocolate favor box with bow, DIY printable, black, white

Printable black and white gift boxes, set of 4

Paper Gardening!

If you like gardening,flowers, but also paper crafting and gift packing this is for you!
Lovely colorful style sheets to print out yourself on your home printer and cut them into craft supplies like gift tags, hangers, stickers, embellishments….

You’ll get the collage sheets.pdf files as direct downloads here:

On Digiscrapstation

FredaFprintables on Etsy

flower embellishments printable collage sheets

flower embellishments printable collage sheets

flower embellishments printable collage sheets

garden goblins printable DIY collage sheet

soft pink pastel flowers gerbera die cuts

Just released! Scarfs with colorful 3D flowers.

I used my own flower die cuts to make these beautiful scarfs unique.
Be free to copy my idea and pimp up your old scarfs or just some cheap scarfs you find somewhere. You’ll have a very special gift for your mother or girl friends with just a little bit hand sewing experience.

Have a great Sunday!

The flowers you’ll get here:

Flower die cuts on Etsy


nectarine chiffon scarf with flowers

Build your own gift boxes

It started with some boxes of precious glossy photo printing paper, that landed in my hands from somebody who thought I am going to have a good use for it. And how right he was!!!

I fired up my old Freehand and my new Photoshop, which I like much more as I am just a pixel girl and not a vector woman. Anyway it was big fun to construct my own box templates and add pattern, then print, cut and try several ways of decorating the little beauties. Here you’ll see just one of many shapes. More you’ll find in the shops below:

You’ll get the printable templates on Etsy

and some of them on Digiscrapstation

In both shops you’ll get the files as a direct download, so you can start your own project directely. Have fun!


Red and blue Heart box template

Red and blue Heart box template


Polka dot heart box spring pastel

More die cutting … fashion show!

I just ordered a couple of new dies for my cutting machine. My favorite was directly the little dress with a separate tiny hanger. It makes a wonderful gift tag, scrapbooking and atc embellishment.
While playing around I remembered a box of funny and beautiful art postcards I once collected before the computer and internet era, when images were in books, magazines and on postcards. So now I felt I could let them loose, cut them into new little artworks and I had so much fun with this. I was not to stop anymore, the possiblities are endless and I got in a kind of punching dresses rush…
Now I am selling the little dresses in my Etsy shop in packages of 6. Every package is unique and one of a kind.
When I had some with me last week to meet friends they ribbed them out of my hands and got that special childish happy look on their faces, fantastic to make people happy with some pieces of cardstock 🙂




summer dress cardstock die cuts

cats dogs pigs dress die cut gift hangers

roses dress fashion gift hangers atc embellishments

wedding dresses miniature die cuts

I love colors and I love my die cutting machine

and after that endless dark grey winter I NEED colors!
So it was a relaxation for my eyes and soul to collect all those color combinations and to cut these beautiful flower die cuts in different shapes and shades. You’ll get them in packages of 60 assorted flowers or leaves.
They are available in many colors.

You can make so much from them!
Some customers used them as embellishments for wedding gowns and other clothing. I made some lovely spring scarfs. (They will go into the shop the next couple of days).
More ideas will be posted as they come.

cyclam purple flower die cuts

off white fabric flowers die cuts

green_flower_die cuts spring

red flower die cuts satin chiffon

My most famous product – French Knickers in Satin, Undies, Panties…

Maybe I showed them before, but they surely deserve to be showcased again, being in treasuries on Etsy 91 times (thank you all so much for choosing me!) and seen more than 1000 times, sold a couple of times being sent around the globe in different sizes….
They are comfy, sexy and funny and they are lovely even in plus sizes!
With upcoming spring I made them in more pretty spring colors beautiful spring colors like lime, nectarine, powder and some I still have to finish and photo shoot. You may also request your own colors, just ask!

Available on Etsy


french knickers in plus size

powder french knickers

I am back!

just been too busy in fall and winter (winter just stopped yesterday, mid of April, terrible this year!) to follow up with all my different activities with fashion design, digital design and my oldest and newest passion: crafting.
But I am trying to post regularly here again and even better, about many different things around my products, but also crafting tipps, ideas and supplies.
And there will be a blog hop in May, so I have to make this thing here interesting until then and I will 🙂

I started the new year with sorting my stock, hiding away all the wool felt and thick dark stuff to make space for the colorful satin, organza and chiffons.

Unfortunately it just needs a couple of minutes, two new designs or one custom order to make the beautiful order into a mess again…